The Premium Collective brings to the table a combined total of over 45 years of experience in event management, guest experience, luxury travel, mix marketing, public relations and branding. We specialize in custom curated events, full service brand management, digital optimization, public relations and experiential marketing experiences.

Our expertise creates a value proposition that ensures revenue increase for start-ups, millennial market penetration for global brands, and guaranteed traction for all our clients. Our attention to even the smallest details ensures that all our projects are executed seamlessly, whilst being both unforgettable and impossible to replicate. Our laser-like level of focus has allowed us to create experiences and campaigns that consistently engage and inspire loyal brand advocacy.

Our core purpose is to support our clients’ goals with fresh and creative strategies, implementing a solid and professional approach while enthusiastically challenging the status quo. We recognize that the success of any project lies in innovative marketing, efficient project management, and exceptional professionalism.

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Monday- Thursday                   9am- 5pm EST
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*after hours support available with a 20% service surcharge