The Premium Collective

Service excellence, attention to detail and innovation are the pillars of The Premium Collective upgrade. The key to creating lasting relationships and memories is turning ideas into real life experiences. From the initial consultation, through the term of your project’s life cycle, we make sure that your projects provide your stakeholders and clients with a 360-degree immersive experience.

With over 45 years of expertise in hospitality, event management, guest experience, luxury travel & branding; our wealth of knowledge and experience is unmatched in the industry. Our proven track record for innovation and creativity has allowed us to serve and partner with brands such as: Microsoft, Expedia Canada Inc, The Salvation Army, Grammy Award Artist LL Cool J, The American Bar Association, Pepsi and Tourism Toronto.

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La Vie Noire

When we created La Vie Noire, we recognized that there was an opportunity to create experiences that truly delivered unique luxury to our network of discerning, successful and well traveled professionals. It was of the utmost importance that with each experience we redefined how a guest received the highest level of sophistication and entertainment.

From spa brunches, to luxe group escapes, no two experiences are the same and every experience is a sensory elevation. Inspired by the global standard of excellence set by organizations such as Les Clefs d’Or, we are obsessive about our attention to detail, honoring every guest and elevating tastes. We do not create trips and events, we upgrade lifestyles.

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